One Measured Step Closer to Cost-Effective Wastewater Disinfection with the MEMDOS LA

08/31/2016 - 

Lutz-Jesco America Corp., your premier chemical feed system and pump manufacturer, is proud to announce the latest addition to its extensive product line and the pump that will be featured at the 89th Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference in New Orleans from September 24 to September 28, 2016 - the MEMDOS LA motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump. “One of the many benefits of the MEMDOS LA pump is the ease with which it can be integrated into any existing system,” said Markus Seitenberg, Executive Vice President, Lutz-Jesco America. “The versatile MEMDOS LA is Lutz-Jesco’s best new offering from our extensive catalogue of cost-effective water and wastewater treatment products,” he continued.

Compact in design, the MEMDOS LA features an integrated variable speed motor with 4 – 20 mA input for control, alarm relay and stroke feedback output, level input, an easy-to-use digital display menu and material finishes including PVC, PP, PVDF and stainless steel. The pump is available in two sizes and covers a capacity range of 1.06 – 270 gph, and up to 232 psi. Thanks to the sturdy tappet drive with manual or automatic capacity adjustment, liquid is dosed reliably and precisely every time where high range capacity and precision is required.

The MEMDOS LA is also available with a double-diaphragm system and is CSA and UL certified.

Lutz-Jesco has operated internationally in the water and wastewater industry for more than 75 years. The company prides itself on providing customized chemical feed systems and high-quality pumps for a variety of application needs based on one-on-one consultations with its clients. For more information on the MEMDOS LA visit Lutz-Jesco at booth number 2651 at WEFTEC 2016 or log on to the website at