Circulation of Salt Water in Marine Aquaria

To create an ideal marine habitat and living conditions therein, reef construction and water quality must be in balance. The water environment in an aquarium is fragile and easily altered by chemical and biological contaminants which pollute the water cycle. Therefore, a filtering system must be employed.

The filtering process begins when water is forced over nitrifying bacteria through which it is cleaned. Quartz sand, activated carbon and UV systems offer additional filtering. This process removes fish waste, food residue, urine and heavy materials found in domestic water supplies and which can contaminate the aquatic environment. In one shark tank alone, 265 thousand gallons of water are re-circulated in one hour, i.e. the total amount of water passes through the filter at least two times in that one hour.

This circulation process is successfully performed by four Lutz- JESCO centrifugal pumps. These four low-speed circulation pumps remove fish excreta and food waste and helps keep the water clean by ensuring the quiet flow of sea water at minimal disturbance to the sharks that inhabit the aquarium. The reliable operation of the centrifugal pumps is vital to the successful circulation of the sea water.

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