Chlorgasdosiergerät C 2525-MH

Chlorinator C 2525-MH

Dosing chlorine gas in larger amounts

Chlorine dosing units of group C 2525-MH operate as full vacuum equipment and are employed mainly in water works for municipal and industrial water supply and waste water treatment. The units consist of functional elements of modular design and are characterized by high operational safety. The chlorinators are available in a wall mounted version and a floor mounted cabinet version.


Chlorinator C 2525-MH

  • Flow rates 5/10/15/25 kg/h Cl2
  • Vacuum technology according to DIN 19606
  • Manual or automatic control
  • Wall mounted or cabinet type

Further product views

Dosing rangeskg Cl2/h up to 25
Operating vacuummbar -100
Required ejector vacuummbar -250
Flow adjustment range% 0...100
Flow meterLengthmm 300
Accuracy% ± 2 FSD
Scale ratio 1:20
Material Glass
Vacuum gaugeRangebar -1...0
Sizemm Ø63
Accuracy% ± 2.5 FSD
Materials of construction in contact with chlorinePlastics PVC
Springs Hastelloy
Sealings, Diaphragm FPM
Weight (with C 7700)WL-typekg 12.5
SL-typekg 37
Ambient temperature°C 0...40 (no direct sun light)

Subject to technical changes


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