Chlorine Catchpot


Protects against liquid chlorine

Liquid chlorine may cause major contamination in vacuum regulators and also cause damage to the PVC in parts. Therefore the penetration of liquid chlorine into the units must be avoided and we recommend using a catchpot to protect the dosing units.
Catchpots are vertically positioned containers where liquid chlorine is collected. Liquid chlorine is slowly evaporated by the energy in the atmosphere or by means of a heating sleeve which heats up the catchpot.



  • Protects the vacuum regulator against small amount of liquid chlorine
  • Suitable for drum and wall mounting
  • Heating sleeves as an optional accessory
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance effort

Further product views

Nominal pressure PN25
Weight125 mlkg approx. 3
250 mlkg approx. 3 (+ approx. 1 kg per flange)
1000 mlkg approx. 8
Max. operating temperature°C 50
Housing material Carbon steel

Subject to technical changes


BA: Operation instruction
PI: Product information

Heating sleeves Order no.
for 1" steel pipes suitable for catchpots of up to 250 ml
with a 3 m cable and mounting material
25 W, 240 V 40499
25 W, 120 V 40498
for 2" steel pipes suitable for catchpots of uo to 1000 ml
with a 3 m cable and mounting material
30 W, 240 V 40204
30 W, 120 V 40205

Flanges DN25 / PN40 with groove / tongue according to EN 1092-1 Order no.
Weld neck flangeTongue flange 39516
Groove flange 39517
Threaded flange
1" NPT female flange
Tongue flange 15927
Groove flange 15928
Assembly accessories for flanges
screws, nuts, washers, seals
(assembly accessories are included in the catchpot)
Tongue flanges match the input and groove flanges match the output of the catchpot.

Auxiliary valves
for connection to the valve of the pressure container
Order no.
Output: Threaded pin BSP 5/8Inputaccording to the standard
BSW 1"DIN 477 22338693
BSP 5/8BS 341 22338694
BSP 3/4AS 2473 22338695
1.030" x 14NGOCGA V-1 (660) 22338696
YOKECGA V-1 (820) 22338697
BSW 1 1/4"DIN 4676 22338698
M26x3- 22300065
Key for operation of auxiliary valves 38684
Flexible connecting line
2 m long, with BSP 5/8 union nut on both sides
Connection between auxiliary valve and wall-mounted catchpot

Spare parts

Connection seals at the input Order no.
Threaded pin BSP 5/8 81832
Union nut BSW 1" 81043
Union nut BSW 1 1/4" 81835
Flange DN25 / PN40 with groove / tongue 81421

Connection seals at the output Order no.
Universal head BSP 5/8 81832
Threaded pin BSP 3/4 81833
Threaded pin BSW 1" 81834
Threaded pin 1.030" x 14NGO 81836
Flange DN25 / PN40 with groove / tongue 81421

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