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Vertical Immersion Pump VTP BBF

Vertical Immersion Pump VTP BBF

Conveying chemicals safely

VTP centrifugal pumps in block design (BBF) correspond to the system of two-pipe pumps. Basically these immersion pumps are single-level immersion pumps with vertical axis the main components of which are combined according to the proven module system. The drive motor is located in the dry section above the fastening plate. The pump head is immersed in the medium.  


Vertical Immersion Pump VTP-BBF

  • Single-stage, vertical immersion pumps according to the two-pipe principle
  • Immersion pump with especially designed three-phase A.C. motor
  • Immersed section of the pump without seals
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Wetted-end parts made of highly resistant material
  • Special varnish for motor and metal parts

Further product views

Design block design
Materials PP, PVDF (further materials on request)
Max. flow rate Qm3/h 80
Max. delivery head Hm 35
Motor powerkW 0.37...7.5
Speedmin-1 1450 and 2900
Ambient temperature°C 5...40
Temperature of the medium°C PP 0...80, PVDF 0...120 (subject to the medium)
Immersion depth mm up to 500, with suction hose extension up to 800

Subject to technical changes


BW: Operation instruction
MB: Dimension sheet


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