Activated Carbon Cartridge

Activated Carbon Cartridge

Avoiding of faulty alarms

Activated carbon cartridges are generally used in vacuum chlorine gas systems. In almost any system, temporary shock pressures may occur in the vacuum system, which cause the extremely sensitive safety blow-off valve to respond briefly so that the gas warning device is activated. To ensure that only an "actual" dangerous situation is indicated by the gas warning device, an activated carbon cartridge is integrated in the blow-off pipe, thus avoiding faulty alarms.


Activated Carbon Cartridge

  • Incorrect messages are avoided
  • Leakages can be detected by the hose
  • Simple installation
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance effort

Further product views

Casings material PVC
Seals FKM
Content 0.9 l activated carbon (Ø2 mm)
Connection Hose clamp connection 6/8 or 8/12
Weightkg approx. 1.2

Subject to technical changes


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