Expansion Systems

Safety along the entire line

Liquid chlorine expands strongly when heated and can create extremely high pressure as a result. Consequently, all line systems for liquid chlorine must be equipped with a expansion system. Expansion systems consist of a rupture disk, a contact pressure gauge as well as an optional relief valve. The integrated contact pressure gauge indicates and provides for remote signalling of the failure.


Expansion Systems

  • Response pressure 22.5 bar
  • Consisting of a rupture disk and contact pressure gauge
  • Available with optional relief valve
  • Expansion tanks as optional accessories
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance effort

Further product views

Rupture disk
Material MONEL
Response pressurebar 22.5 at 20 °C
21.8 at 50 °C
20.9 at 100 °C
Tolerance% ± 10
Vacuum-resistant yes
Nominal width DN25
Relief valve
Material C-steel
Response pressurebar 27.5
Tolerance% ± 10
Nominal width DN12.5
Pressure gauge
Material Steel / Silver / FPM
Nominal sizemm Ø 63
Accuracy% ± 2.5
Contact load rating 50 V / 0.5 A / 10 W
Weight rupture disk with contact pressure gauge and relief valvekg 10.3
Weight rupture disk with contact pressure gaugekg 8.6

Subject to technical changes

Description Order no.
Flexible connection pipe 2 m
with G 5/8 lock nuts on both sides
Chlorine cylinder 10 dm³ with wall holder
Connection thread G 5/8 a
Chlorine cylinder 20 dm³ with wall holder
Connection thread G 5/8 a

Spare parts

Description Order no.
Rupture disk DN25
22.5 bar, MONEL
Relief valve DN12.5
27.5 bar
1/2" NPT male - 1/2" NPT female
Contact pressure gauge 0...40 bar
Ø 63 mm, connection 1/4" NPT male
Contact closed and de-pressurised
Maintenance kit for expansion system
2 flange gaskets, O-ring for rupture disk,
2 flat gaskets for connection G 5/8

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