The LJ-PolyBlend Polymer System is one of the most popular liquid polymer feeders in the industry. It is a dependable, motorized mixing machine. Its rugged, corrosion resistant housing, large turbine, and patented, multi-zone mixing chamber provide uniform dispersion energy at the moment of initial polymer wetting - critical to the dewatering process.  



  • Two-stage Mixing
  • Primary Mixing Zone high energy mixing ensures fully activated polymer
  • Secondary Mixing Zone offers a small turbine for gentile agitation aiding in further polymer activation without fracturing molecules
  • Polymer Injection Point prevents agglomerations and makes lengthy aging unnecessary
  • Stainless Steel Injection Check Valve prevents premature mixing of polymer and water that causes line plugging
  • Baffle Plate isolates the high and low energy mixing zones
  • Large Turbine designed to provide high energy at the moment of initial wetting preventing agglomerations
  • Neat Polymer Inlet
  • Solution Discharge
  • Patented System
  • Compact design – 1 to 1.5 square feet (depending on frame size)
  • Rugged
  • Economical
  • Standard-A Control
  • Proven Performance

Further product views

PolyBlend 16501002006001000
Water Flow Rate in GPH (LPH) 16/(61)50/(190)100/(380)200/(760)600/(2280)1200/(4560) use 1000
Diaphragm Pump Output in GPH (LPH) 0.4/(1.5)1/(3.8)2/(7.6)4.5/(17.1)8/(30.4)

Subject to technical changes


O&M: Operation manual


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