Calibration Column

Calibration Columns

For a perfect dosing result

JESCO’s Calibration Columns are an important addition to any chemical feed system. They help ensure that the pump is pumping the specified amount of fluid by providing verification of the flow rate of the metering pump, thus they are instrumental in accurately metering the process fluid.


Calibration Columns

  • High reliability, low cost
  • High contrast graduation markings
  • Clear easy view tube
  • Robust construction
  • Direct GPH readout
  • Sealed top with overflow connection

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Size Maximum Pump Flow Rate Recommended
100 ml 3.2 gph
200 ml 6.4 gph
500 ml 16 gph
1,000 ml 32 gph
2,000 ml 63 gph
4,000 ml 127 gph
10,000 ml 320 gph
20,000 ml 640 gph

Subject to technical changes


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