Pulsation Dampener PDS

Pulsation Dampener PDS

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Pressure variations in hydraulic pipe layouts and tube fittings give rise to irregular operation and can, in cases of great amplitude variations, cause damage to the pipework and even fracture fittings. These pulsation dampeners represent a simple countermeasure to bring any increasing pressures to harmless proportions.


Pulsation Dampener PDS

  • Stroke volume 15 – 1200 ml/stroke
  • Hose as a separating diaphragm
  • Compressed air as a dampening gas pocket
  • Integration in the pressure line is possible

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PDS 8025075025007500
Stroke volume*ml/stroke 15401204001200
perm. operating pressurebar 104
Pre-tension pressurebar max. 62,5
Temperature°C max. 50

*applies for the residual deviation +/- 10% of the nominal pressure with simple pumps
Subject to technical changes


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