1740 Series

Hydraulically actuated Tubular Diaphragm Design

The Model 1740 metering pump is a hydraulically actuated tubular diaphragm design, utilizing a pre-stressed diaphragm and vertical plunger configuration. The memory of the pre-stressed diaphragm returns to its exact reference position on every suction stroke giving the pump exceptional accuracy, outstanding lift capabilities and minimal NPSH requirements. The ability of the diaphragm to withstand higher vacuum prevents premature diaphragm failure. The unique hydraulic system provides the industry with the simplest and most reliable design for metering pumps.

1740 Series

  • A micrometer adjustment allows effortless capacity range of 0-100%
  • Pre-stressed tubular diaphragm withstands higher vacuum for longer life
  • Power supply - single phase or 3-phase TE or XP motor
  • Built-in pressure relief valves
  • Unique vent and refill system
  • Single ball cartridge type check valves

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1740 Series Plunger diameter
Max. pressurepsig 250
Simplex capacitygph 410
Duplex capacitygph 820
Triplex capacitygph 1230
Quadruplex capacitygph 1640

Subject to technical changes

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