5710 Series

Hydraulically actuated non-lost motion Diaphragm Pump

Models 5710 metering pumps are an hydraulically actuated non-lost motion (amplitude modulated) diaphragm design. The unique method of actuation, by means of a rotating plunger, provides smoother, quieter operation. The design characteristics minimize back lash and shock loads to the process system. Models 5710 are among the longest lasting pumps in the industry. These pumps will provide reliability in the heaviest workload environments, such as mining, nuclear plants, power plants and refineries/petroleum applications. These pumps meet API 675 standards.

5710 Series

  • A micrometer stroke length adjustment allows effortless capacity control of 0-100%
  • Operating pressure up to 4000 psig
  • Power supply - single phase or 3-phase TE or XP motor
  • Built-in pressure relief valves
  • Compact design offers high capacity per square foot of space
  • Double ball check valves
  • High mechanical efficiency reduces power requirements

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5710 Series
Max. pressurepsig 4000300025001750
Simplex capacitygph 7.7122033
Duplex capacitygph 15234167

Subject to technical changes

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