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Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL SMART 02

Water Values – Valuable Water

The EASYPOOL SMART 02 features compact and high quality construction. All equipment necessary for the measuring and control are installed on and directly in the panel respectively. Integrated in the water measuring panel is the two-channel regulator TOPAX DX SMART, which is a very easy to operate control. This regulator is missing only few functions compared to the multiple-channel regulator TOPAX DX.


Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL SMART 02

  • For private swimming pools
  • Simple operation
  • Clear graphical color display
  • Compact and high quality construction
  • Measuring of free chlorine or Redox
  • pH value measuring
  • Temperature and conductivity measuring (optional)
  • Flow monitoring and adjustment valve
  • Dosage through peristaltic pumps
  • Sample collection stop cock for calibration
  • Control of flocculants dosage
  • 4...20 mA outlet
  • Long-term data storage with graphical trend display
  • Data export through memory card or computer interfaces (optional)

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Measuring range free chlorine (optional)mg/l up to 2, pH balanced
Measuring range pH 0...14
Measuring range redox (optional)mV 0...1000
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm 454 x 504 x 167
Temperature (optional)°C 5...40
Sampling water requirementl/h approx. 45
Water pressurebar 0.2...3.0
Operating voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumptionVA max. 34
Sample water linemm PE Hose 6/8
Conductivity probe (optional)mS/cm 0...20 (0...1 % salt), 0...60 (0...3 % salt)

Subject to technical changes


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