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Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL

Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL

Water Values – Valuable Water

Depending on the installed features, the water sampling station EASYPOOL collects the data for free chlorine, pH values, Redox potential, temperature, and conductibility. It has been specifically designed for use in private pools. An TOPAX controller controls the water quality. All of the elements that are necessary for standardized measuring, controlling, and dosing are combined at the water sampling station.


Water Sampling Station EASYPOOL

  • For private swimming pools optimized
  • Measurement of free chlorine, pH value, Redox, temperature and conductivity (optional)
  • Amperometric chlorine measuring cell
  • Trouble-free dosing through peristaltic pumps
  • Sampling water is lead back into the water system
  • Minimum installation work
  • Easy operation and maintenance through transparent construction
  • Optical and electronic function control
  • DIN 19643 conform (depending on model variant)

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Measuring range free chlorineppm 0...2
Measuring range pH 0...14
Measuring range redoxmV 0...1000
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm 490 x 900 x ~150
Temperature°C 1...40
Sampling water requirementl/h approx. 45
Water pressurebar 0.15...6
Max. variation% ± 10
Tubing connectionsmm 6/12

Subject to technical changes


BW: Operation instruction
MB: Dimension sheet


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