Standard Terms

All Lutz-JESCO America Corporation Terms and Conditions of Sale apply.„„

All products will be invoiced at current list price, less appropriate discount, at the time an order is shipped.„

All prices are in US currency. Unless noted, freight cost, taxes, duty, etc. are not included.


Minimum Order Total

„„$50.00 Net


Expediting Fee

Parts from stock:

  • „„$35.00 fee per order for same day shipment of stocked parts ordered after 12:00 pm EST

Standard pump from stock:

  • 10% fee of total value of pump order for Next Business Day shipment of Standard stock pumps
  • „„Less than quoted lead-time for non-stock or specials
  • „„We reserve the right to pass on extra cost (if any) for products shipped in less than the quoted leadtime (i.e. overtime, air freight, expedite fees from vendors).


Cancellation Charges

„„A minimum charge of 20% will apply if an order is cancelled before shipment.

Additional charges may be assessed for non-stock materials, partial or completed manufacture of non-stock parts and other related costs.

100% cancellation charges will apply to completed orders of special or non-stock material.

„„Any commission rate on a cancellation charge will be 20%.


Large Projects and Progress Payments

„„Jobs, budget estimates or other customer inquiries in which the aggregate selling price exceeds $30,000.00 must be referred to the factory before quotation. For jobs over $30,000.00 total value, the following progress payment terms apply and must be included in any quotation in place of “Net 30 days”:

  • >30% of total due after mailing approval drawings (or 30% at time of order if approval drawings are not required) and,
  • >30% of total due ____ weeks (half of shipping schedule) from date of order, payable upon receipt of invoice and, remaining
  • „„ >40% of total plus applicable escalation, if any, due upon shipment…

„Commission amounts earned against customer progress payments are paid after shipment as on jobs without progress payments.


Shipping & Handling / Packaging Policy

„„In an effort to reduce shipping expenses to our customers, Lutz-JESCO passes on any savings as a result of the discounts we have negotiated with trucking firms.

„„Our Handling / Packaging Fees are as follows:
Small Packages (UPS or similar, up to 100 lbs.)

„„A Handling / Packaging fee of 10% of the net freight charges ($3.00 minimum) will be applied to all small packages (i.e. UPS or similar, up to 100 lbs.) for both PPD/ADD and Collect orders.



„„A $20 Pallet fee (per pallet) will be applied to both PPD/ADD and Collect orders.*



* Note: Pallet fee includes a standard wooden pallet (up to size 48” x 48”) with a cardboard enclosure. Larger sized pallets, wood enclosures and wood crates will be subject to additional charges.