Classic piston dosing pump

The FEDOS E combines the properties of the FEDOS series working reliably for many years with the latest requirements in dosing technology. Advantages of piston dosing pumps: little dependency on back pressure and linear flow variation as a function of stroke length. Due to an improved flexibility and the further development of individual components, the pumps can be integrated even more efficiently in dosing processes. Heads and pistons are the same as for the previous pumps so that the continuity of spare parts keeping and service is ensured.



  • Suitable for accurate mixing tasks
  • Capacity range 0.17 to 31.5 l/h, at up to 100 bar
  • Minor dependence of the back pressure
  • Linear development of the dosing quantity according to the stroke length
  • Tappet drive with easy-to-operate capacity adjustment
  • Also suitable for frequency converter operation
  • Flushing bush optional

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FEDOS E 13612581730
Output at max. pressure (50 Hz)l/h 0.170.310.631.422,134.88.517.031.5
Stroke volumeml/stroke
Max. pressurebar 4025
Max. pressure at high press.bar 100804025
Stroke frequencymin-1 264895142
Piston Ømm 469121723
Stroke lengthmm 9
Suction liftmbar 800
Max. surrounding temperature°C 40
ISO class F
Protection class IP55
Voltage pulse inputV DC 5
Voltage niveau connectionV DC 5
Weightkg ~11~16

Subject to technical changes


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