Mission Statement

Lutz-JESCO America Corp. engages in the development, manufacturing, and sales of both standard and custom chemical-feed solutions for the water, wastewater, and process equipment industry.

The company is expanding by developing new sales channels and by taking on new, complementary products. By doing so, Lutz-JESCO America Corp. strengthens and expands its current customer base as well as its current market share, market recognition, and market acceptance.

Lutz-JESCO America Corp.’s employees identify themselves with commitment to their company, professionalism about their customers and co - workers, and motivation, enthusiasm, dedication, and responsibility for their daily work.

We understand that every part of our work is important for the entire achievement. Having this awareness, we also understand the high importance of the right attitude towards, and the right focus on our jobs.

The quality of our products and our work as well as the satisfaction of our customers are of highest relevance to us. We are therefore continuously striving for improvements of ourselves and in all areas of the company.

Lutz-JESCO America Corp. is willing and dedicated to work closely together with all relevant US authorities in order to assure constant and ongoing compliance with applicable export laws and regulations of the United States of America / NAFTA.


Lutz-JESCO America Corp.

Markus S. Seitenberg
Executive VP / GM


March 2013
Rochester, NY