Water sampling station EASYPRO COMPACT


The compact

The EASYPRO COMPACT combines all the components of the EASYPRO MC-C on a small baseplate (W: 454 mm, H: 496 mm). The highly compact structure of the device is achieved by the location of the water flow and the sensor re-cording (except for chlorine) within the station. The measuring cells are characterised by their high-quality and measurement accuracy. In combination with the TOPAX® MC controller this enables the comprehensive measurement, display, control and recording of all important water parameters. The wall bracket included in the scope of delivery enables simple installation. For inspection, maintenance and service purposes, the station can be opened in a manner similar to a cupboard door; and thus remains easily accessible.  

    EASYPRO COMPACT components (fitted on the baseplate):
  • TOPAX® MC multi-channel controller
  • Measuring cell fittings
  • Sample water filter
  • Flow control
  • Flow controller DFR 45 with sampling water extraction point
  • Temperature sensor
  • Inflow and outflow tap
  • Bracket for buffer solutions and buffer solutions for adjusting the measuring cells

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Dimensions (W x H x D)mm 454 x 496 x 161 approx.
Sample water requirementl/h 30 approx.
Sample water infl ow and discharge PE hose 6/8 + stop valve with G1/4 connection
Pressure resistancebar max. 6
Pressure loss in the water sampling stationbar 0.3 approx.
Mesh size sample water fi lterµm 300
Voltage supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionW max. 20
Analogue outputs for remote transmission 4 x 0/4 – 20 mA, working resistance max. 500 Ω
Disturbance variable inputmA 0/4 – 20
Interfaces Ethernet TCP/IP or RS485 Modbus RTU (optional)
Protection class IP65 (electronic controller)
Ambient temperature°C -5 to +45 (no exposure to direct sunlight)
Control characteristic P, PI, PID or PD behaviour, control direction selectable with distur-bance variable feed forward, 2-side control selectable
v inputs (depending on version)
Number of measuring inputs 3*
Free chlorineAmperometric 3-electrode measuring cell with potentiostat (DMZ3.1)mg/l
0 – 15
(dependant on the measuring cell transconductance)
pH valuepH single-rod measuring cellpH 2 – 12 or 0 – 14
(depending on the single-rod measuring chain)
Redox value Redox single-rod measuring cellmV 0 – 1000
TemperaturePt100°C 5 – 45
Output modules (depending on version)
Number of output modules up to 4
Relay 2 x 230 V AC, 5 A (ohmic load)
Optocoupler 2 x 80 V DC, 5 mA

* Additionally, up to two temperature sensors can be connected.
Subject to technical changes.


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