Water sampling station EASYPRO SMART


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The EASYPRO SMART is the successor to the popular EASYPOOL SMART series. Available in two simple pre-configured versions, the water sampling station comes almost ready-touse. The system serves the monitoring and control of various water parameters in your swimming pool. The TOPAX® MCmulti- channel controller installed* in the EASYPRO subjects the water parameters to constant measurement, keeping them in the target range. It works directly in conjunction with the peristaltic pumps installed in the water sampling station. Additional actuators can be actuated. Automatic continuous recording of the water parameters and depiction of their development permit simple diagnosis.  

    EASYPRO SMART components (fitted on the baseplate)
  • TOPAX® MC multi-channel controller
  • Peristaltic pumps
  • Measuring cell fittings
  • Flow control
  • Flow adjustment valve
  • Sampling water extraction point
  • Temperature sensor
  • Inflow and outflow tap
  • Buffer solutions for adjusting the measuring cells
  • Suction lines (not installed on the baseplate)
  • Injection nozzles (not installed on the baseplate)
  • The measuring cells are partially packaged separately and not pre-installed.

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EASYPRO SMART for swimming pools CP RP CPL
Dimensions (W x H x D)mm 454 x 465 x 167 approx.
Sample water requirementl/h 45 approx.
Sample water infl ow and discharge Stop valve with hose clamp connector 6/8
Pressure resistancebar max. 3
Pressure loss in the water sampling stationbar 0.3 approx.
Voltage supply 100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionW max. 30
Analogue outputs for remote transmission 4 x 0/4 – 20 mA, working resistance max. 500 Ω
Disturbance variable inputmA 0/4 – 20
Interfaces Ethernet TCP/IP or RS485 Modbus RTU (optional)
Protection class IP65 (electronic controller)
Ambient temperature°C -5 to +45 (no exposure to direct sunlight)
Control characteristic P, PI, PID or PD behaviour, control direction selectable with distur-bance variable feed forward, 2-side control selectable
Measuring inputs (depending on version)
Number of measuring inputs 2a 3b
Free chlorineCS120 excess chlorine measuring cellmg/l 0 – 15c - 0 – 15c
pH valuepH single-rod measuring cellpH 2 – 12d or 0 – 14d
Redox valueRedox single-rod measuring cellmV - 0 – 1000 -
Conductivity conductiveConductivity measuring cell (k=1)mV - 0 – 2e, 0 – 20e or
0 – 100e
TemperaturePt100°C 5 – 45
Output modules (depending on version)
Number of output modules up to 4
Servomotor relay 2 x 230 V AC, 5 A (ohmic load)
Potentiometer feedback: 1 – 10
Servomotor 20 mA Constant 0/4 – 20 mA output
Servomotor with 20 mA feedback
Relay 2 x 230 V AC, 5 A (ohmic load)
Optocoupler 2 x 80 V DC, 5 mA

a) A temperature sensor can also be connected.
b) Additionally, up to two temperature sensors can be connected.
c) Dependant on the measuring cell transconductance.
d) Depandant on the single-rod measuring cell.
e) Corresponds to 0 - 5 % salt content.
Subject to technical changes.


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